Teaching men to detect women’s psychological passwords

Teaching men to detect women’s psychological passwords

When it comes to understanding women, many men will say “women’s heart, undersea needles, which will be very tired.” However, this is not a good excuse. Men need to understand women to properly inquire about women’s emotional secrets . when can men understand womenSecret has lived together for many years, spent a few months with you, quarreled with you, and gave you gifts every year; but as a husband, do you know what she really wants?

  Abin really didn’t understand why his wife Xiaomi and her girlfriends had so much to say.

Sometimes when she answered the phone, he went out to work, and when he returned, he found that she was still talking to the same person.

“When we men are unique, we pay attention to key issues, but women are always tangled in details, which is a waste of time.

“Xiaomi doesn’t think there is anything wrong with me.” My contact with my girlfriends can make me a better wife and mother.

For example, my husband may not worry about a strange rash on one of our children, but my friend can tell me if I should be worried.

“Expert opinion: Women engage with other women to understand and learn from the experiences of others.

They use other women as role models.

Women need to confirm each other. If you observe the two women talking, you will hear the words “yes” and “just” are used so frequently, and you will also see that they nodded and agreed with each other.

  But Abin still didn’t understand: “She said that she didn’t have time to do everything, but in my opinion, if she didn’t spend so much time on the phone, she could have had enough time.

“Expert opinion: This is the difference between men and women, partly biological and partly social, but the results are the same.

There are often misunderstandings between men and women. Understanding these differences can help alleviate conflicts and alleviate emotional damage.

  Do men know what women need?

  Many times men do not understand women’s minds because of the so-called reserved or excessive “self-esteem” of women.

But if a man really loves this woman, he should know the following important things and work hard to do it.

  Women need men to listen patiently to her. Men are rational. The “talk” in their minds is to study problems, debate right and wrong, and then try to find a solution.

In order to achieve this, he may repeatedly interrupt the woman and ask her to “understand” what he means.

However, women do not want them to always express their opinions.

All they need is a man to listen to it kindly, and they will keep talking until they feel comfortable in their hearts.

  A woman wants to be friends with her lover. A woman wants to consider her elder man equal to her elders. She thinks her strengths, tolerates her shortcomings, and she is willing to treat him the same.

  Women are afraid that they are not beautiful enough in the eyes of their lover. Women need explicit compliments: “I like your hairstyle” or “You look good in that white dress”, etc. This kind of praise can encourage women and make her confident.So that their love is constantly nourished.

  Women also know work. Women want men to be aware of their work, just as they are aware of their work. Every time they restart her own work, the man should listen with his ears open. In this regard, communication is good.Feelings will grow deeper.

  Women do not fall in love as easily as men. According to expert statistics, about 25% of men fall in love with each other on the first date, but only 15% of women fall in love with each other on the fourth date.

When a woman chooses a mate, she usually has more practical factors than expected.

Women may look forward to love, but they are still asking: Is this man reliable?

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to hair, clothes and politeness, men must also have the qualities of tolerance, generosity, and faithfulness.

  Women like to hide their deepest feelings. If you ask a man, “Where did you buy this thing?

“He will tell you directly, if you ask a woman, she usually asks back:” Is there anything wrong? ”

“So understand a woman not only to see the point she shows, but to find the answer from the most fundamental and substantial place.

  Gifts are not precious, but sincere. From a woman’s point of view, the best gifts are those that are more modest, not those flashy.

There is a man who collects lover cards and gives them to his girlfriend at any time. Whenever she is in a bad mood, he puts a card in the place where she may find it, which makes her very happy.

Despite the rich social experience, there is also a lot of communication between men and women.

However, sometimes, men do not understand women’s minds, just like they do not understand the darkness of day and night.

  What a woman wants a man to do. She wants her husband to think of everything she and men are jealous of.

Men may be jealous of potential intervention, while women may be jealous of the time the husband did not spend on her.

No matter if the husband is chatting with his buddies or playing golf during these times.

She must feel that she is first in his life.

  If the husband always arrives home at eight or nine in the evening, the wife can’t help it: “This makes me think the child and me are not important at all.”Sometimes even when he was at home, she felt that it was only his spindle housing that remained at home.

One sunny fall, she was playing outside with her child, but he was staying indoors watching TV.

“I feel rejected.

“Most couples only spend about 20 minutes talking face to face each week.

Especially when they have children.

And happy couples who have been married for 25 years find that to establish a good marriage relationship, it is not only the quality of time, but also the quantity of time.

  She hopes her husband will take the initiative to do housework. Her husband is envied by many girlfriends.

Is it because her husband is particularly handsome or successful?

No, it was because he shared the household chores.

“If I cook, he will wash the dishes.

When I do the laundry, he is in charge of drying.

“I’m proud to mention these husbands.

Even better, he didn’t do this to please her.

“We are one whole.

“A wife needs the feeling that her marriage is a cooperative relationship.

And the attitude of men is often that they do her housework to help her, and those dirty dishes are her business and have nothing to do with him.

  Who cleans children’s toys and bathes them seems a trivial matter.

But psychologists surveyed 950 married people and found that housework was one of the three most controversial issues (money in the first place).

Another thing that inspires her husband is that if a man can share the responsibilities of housework and child care, he will have a better marriage relationship and a satisfactory sex life.

  She needs emotional intimacy A Xin and Li are busy each day.

He is a photographer and she takes care of two young children.

A few years ago their busy lives affected the intimacy they had.

When they went to bed at night, they actually looked like two strangers.

  Keeping in touch during the day changed things.

Li said, “We talked on the phone.

Although it’s only sometimes for a while, I think we’ve spent time together.

I just want to hear his voice.

“Without early conversations, wives may feel stressed and alienated, and they will resist intimacy.

  She doesn’t want gifts like sexy lingerie and kitchen supplies. Why doesn’t it seem like a big deal. Gifts cause trouble between husband and wife?

Women consider the meaning of gifts.

A husband often gives his wife a new book by her favorite writer, which conveys the message: “I was listening when you spoke, and I want to make you happy.

“But an oven or sexy lingerie made her feel like a cow.

The husband seemed to be saying, “I don’t know and don’t care what you like, so I just have to make myself happy.

The men refused to say, “If she wants me to give her something special as a birthday gift, why doesn’t she tell me?”

“At the same time the woman is thinking,” If I had to tell you, I don’t feel like a woman anymore, because it means that you never think of me at all.

“Xiaoshui endured her husband to give her a knife as a gift for several years.

Then he finally understood how important the gift was to her.

“Now if he sees what I admire, he will remember and surprise me on my birthday six months later.

It made me feel that he loved me magically.

When the woman asked, “Did I suddenly get fat in this pair of jeans?””In these kinds of problems, they are actually saying that they feel lacking in self-confidence.

The correct response is not simply to say yes or no, no matter what you say, make her feel loved and secure.

  A woman’s secret is like a sunflower looking forward to the sun. When the warm sun shines on her whole body, she will become even more beautiful. For a woman, the ideal dual touch of ideal love is first of all, spiritual communication and emotionalcommunicate with.