Five ways yoga keeps your body flowing

Five ways yoga keeps your body flowing

The weather is getting colder and it is difficult to keep up with outdoor exercises. It is better to choose yoga in a warm room.

Singer Love has even published a special book called “Love Yoga”.

“I think the happiest thing in the world is to do what I love.

Music is the cause I love, and yoga makes my career and life pure.

“Next, let’s learn a few tricks to make yourself slim, and at the same time reduce stress for yourself.

  The first step1: Open your feet, inhale to raise the height to the level, exhale, relax your shoulders, and lower your palms down.

Look straight ahead.

  step2: Take a deep breath, relax your right waist and lower your body horizontally to the right while exhaling.

The shoulders are axially open at the front, and the plane is curved sideways.

Feel the veins stretch at the waist.

Just reach your comfortable position.

After holding for 15 seconds, return to the initial posture, and repeat the action in the opposite direction.

  Second step1: With your legs spread apart, the distance between your feet is the same as your shoulders.

  step2: While inhaling, lift both arms side to side, then exhale, and at the same time, put your left hand to the right foot and offset.

Look at the tip of your right finger, which is tilted upwards.

  step3: Inhale again, straighten your upper body, and then bend to the other foot while exhaling in the same way.

Alternate left and right for more than 3 times.

  The third step1: Stand with your legs together.

Inhale, lift the starting point, palms facing each other, left arm over right arm, elbows overlap, hug on chest, hands folded.

  step2: Raise the left leg, wrap the right calf, and insert the center of gravity between your legs.

Hold your right toe firmly on the ground.

  step3: Adjust your breathing, take a deep, straight, and slowly squat slowly. After maintaining a good balance, move your upper body forward and bring your belly close to your thighs.

After holding for 15 seconds, return to the initial posture and proceed in the opposite direction.

  Fourth step step1: Lie on your back on a mat or thick towel, hold your elbows with both hands, hold your knees, try to align it against your chest, adjust your breathing and relax yourself.

  tep2: Slowly exhale while raising your head, so that your head moves closer to the dark place while aligning, and keep your posture for about 5 seconds.

  Fifth step1: Lying on a cushion or thick towel, bend your left leg to your knees, and bring your legs closer to your chest.

The right leg need not be stretched, it can be in a natural state.

  step2: Inhale slowly, turn your left leg to the right, and press your left elbow with your right hand. At this time, your face is to the left, and keep this posture for 15 seconds.