Be careful: the price of the god needle will increase the fat and become thinner

Be careful: the price of “the god needle” will increase the fat and become thinner

Listening to the rhetoric of the beauty salon, the price of the so-called “stem cell fattening needle” was injected at a high price, and the face was actually sallow and the body was weak.
銆€銆€In August of this year, recommended by a friend, Ms. Zhu went to a beauty salon in South Street for maintenance.
When the beautician is nursing, she has been worried about Ms. Zhu’s 鈥測ellow skin slimming鈥? saying that they have a new 鈥渟tem cell fattening needle鈥?in the store, which can be effective one week after the injection.
銆€銆€See Ms. Zhu has some heartbeats, the clerk also proposed: first try, pay after the effect.
Although there is no Chinese explanation for the outer packaging of the injection, Ms. Zhu did not think much about it.
Can be beaten 2800 yuan a pin, the face is still the same, no improvement.
The clerk explained that “the constitution is too bad, and it is necessary to hit 29,800 yuan per treatment.
“Doubtful, Ms. Zhu licked 7, 8 needles, but the body is still the same.
This time, the shop is anxious, under the powerful medicine, give her injection of 39,800 yuan per treatment.
Ms. Zhu’s face is getting yellower and yellower, and she has lost a kilogram.
At this point, the store began to urge the “funding money” of more than 40,000 yuan.
銆€銆€The sky-high price has played this effect, and the boss is still embarrassed to ask for money?
Ms. Zhu wants to get more and more angry, and complains to the City Consumers Association.
After receiving the complaint, on the afternoon of November 24, the staff of the Lotus Pond Industrial and Commercial Office came to the beauty shop.
The store owner actually said that the store only does non-medical beauty and never operates beyond the scope.
Because she is a friend with Ms. Zhu, she bought it for injection.
It was purely helpful and contributed more than 40,000 yuan.
As for the “pay after the effect” cloud, Ms. Zhu said to herself, there is no such thing.
銆€銆€After inspection, the law enforcement officers did not see the product, and there was no trace of medical beauty at the scene.
Who is talking about what is true?
Because the two are verbally agreed, there is no written contract, and it is difficult for law enforcement officials to distinguish between true and false.
In this regard, the industry and commerce department reminds consumers that when doing medical beauty, they should choose a beauty salon with a medical institution license and business license, and sign a beauty contract in advance, on beauty content, beauty effects, advertising commitments, breach of contract liability andThe solution, etc., is clarified in terms of terms.
銆€銆€In addition, fattening should also find the cause of the disease, the right medicine, can not blindly believe in the import of “God”.