Very easy to sweat?


Implied that the body is “faulty”!

Very easy to sweat?
Implied that the body is “faulty”!

After a lot of or rapid exercise, the dripping sweat will make us feel serious and comfortable, but if we don’t do any exercise, or even just sleep quietly, but also sweat, this taste is not good.It is.

What is the reason for love sweating?

What is the reason for love sweating?
1, the yang weakened head sweating more, may be because of weak yang or stomach fire.

2, liver yang sputum forehead sweating abnormal, may be caused by liver yang.

3, lack of lungs and nose abnormal sweating, the reason may be low immunity, lack of lungs.

4, abnormal sweating caused by endocrine disorders, the cause may be endocrine disorders, or the body’s damp heat causes poor airflow in the body.

5, the diet is heavy, the sweat glands under the elbow are more, sweating is also more, but some people will be accompanied by a strong smell, which may be related to the excessive taste of the daily diet.

6, spleen and stomach loss and spleen and stomach loss will lead to slower blood circulation, affecting the delivery of oxygen.

Therefore, people who have lost their spleen and stomach will generally sweat on their chests.

7, spleen and stomach damp heat If you hold a person’s hand, you find that the other hand’s palm is sweaty, this may be double because the other side has a nervous, excited, afraid and other emotions, it may be because the other side’s body has a spleen and stomach damp heat, blood deficiency, etc.problem.

8, diabetes patients sweating is usually due to elevated blood sugar, even at normal room temperature, there will be sweating, the sweating site is generally in the upper limbs or limbs, or the occurrence of sweating asymmetry.

9, people with physical weakness, sweating can be spread all over the body, and often sweating.

10, Yin deficiency Chinese medicine called sleep sweating called “night sweats”, sweating will stop after waking up.

The cause of “night sweats” is yin deficiency.

5 strokes let you take the initiative to “healthy sweat” 1, drink hot water before the exercise, hot porridge, and do a good warm-up, which makes your body’s pores all open, a hearty sweat.

In addition, after the exercise is finished, do not take a bath or blow air conditioning, fans, dry sweat, patience and other sweats subsided.

2, ginger can not only wet the spleen and stomach, but also promote human body perspiration.

Therefore, we may wish to drink some ginger water, or add red dates when drinking, soak the tea together.

3, office workers put a hot water bottle in high blood pressure, or put a warm baby, can make people spontaneously generate heat, increase perspiration.

When you are at home, you can use 40 or so warm water to soak your feet. The effect is the same, and it can also promote perspiration.

4, do not expect long in the air-conditioned room.

Air conditioning is often blown, causing the pores of the person to become dull and long-term in a contracted state due to cold, and slenderness affects the normal physiological function of the perspiration system.

So, in the morning or in the evening when the sun is small, don’t let go and walk, do some outdoor sports to help the body sweat.

5, sweat is also the water in the human body, sweating will cause the loss of human body water, therefore, people who sweat more must pay attention to add water, but also eat more food to support the conditioning.

For example, lotus seeds, lily, sand ginseng, white fungus, Sydney, etc.