You can practice yoga at 90

You can practice yoga at 90

The elderly in the United States pay great attention to choosing a suitable fitness method according to the characteristics of slow movement and easy fall, so as to delay the aging, increase the body’s sensitivity, and strengthen the body’s resistance.

In addition to common walks and jogging, American geriatricians believe that yoga can best achieve the fitness goals of the elderly.

And it is suitable for a wide range of people, and many elderly people who are not easy to stand or walk can participate.

So many 70-80-year-olds and even 90-year-olds try to practice yoga.

  Some American medical experts believe that no second exercise can slow down the aging process more effectively than yoga.

Studies have shown that yoga can help reduce low pressure, lower blood pressure, increase physical strength, reduce pain, enhance immunity, increase flexibility, improve balance and physical coordination.

Timothy, author of the best-selling book “Medical Yoga”?

Dr McCarthy said that yoga definitely makes older people feel better, makes them live longer, and is more vibrant.

  Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are currently the leading causes of disability in the elderly in the United States.

Many medical studies have shown that yoga exercises designed for the elderly can effectively reduce falls, prevent and improve arthritis.

Many communities encourage older people to participate in yoga classes and have experienced physiotherapists design yoga exercises for the elderly.

Elderly people with illness can also get advice from family doctors on what yoga to choose to achieve fitness.