The nutrition that you eat can’t be absorbed. What should I do?



The nutrition that you eat can’t be absorbed. What should I do?

The pace of modern life is accelerating. Most men have different degrees of gastrointestinal dyspepsia, gastritis, stomach ulcers and other diseases caused by irregular life and excessive alcohol and tobacco, resulting in poor nutrition absorption.

銆€銆€So how to adjust the nutrition absorption?

銆€銆€First of all: men with bad stomach should follow the principle of light, easy to digest, balanced transformation of all kinds of nutrition, should eat less meals, avoid big fish and overeating.

Corn, lotus seeds and other foods supplement starch, which is conducive to digestion in the stomach, but also spleen and Qi.

Radish has the accumulation of stagnation, phlegm and heat, detoxification, qi, wide and medium effect, men who often have swelling gas phenomenon can eat more.

銆€銆€The diet plan with poor nutrition absorption should eat all kinds of warm hot porridge in winter, such as corn porridge, lotus porridge, yam porridge, which can not only protect the cold, but also provide nutrition and cure diseases.

In the meat intake, meatballs, fish fillets, mutton porridge, etc. are easy to digest, suitable for men with poor digestion and lack of stomach.

銆€銆€Gastrointestinal health diet tips1.

Avoid eating too much protein, traces, and meat in the breakfast. Because of the acidic food, it is not good for daytime mental health.

Such as: ham egg sandwich, dumplings, decoction, fried cake fritters, sweet bread, are not suitable.

Breakfast must be eaten, people who can eat more grains and food without breakfast, there will be physical weakness, decadence and lack of concentration, easy to cause middle-age dementia, premature aging.

As long as you get up 30 minutes early, you will have enough time to eat.

Especially the dieters need to pay attention to the choice of breakfast, breakfast must be full and good, because the stomach in the tens of hours of fasting, the food that is eaten will be completely collected (caused by obesity) easy to cause gastrointestinal ulcers.


Do not drink coffee in the morning, easily lead to bone loss, osteoporosis, can drink at 2-3 pm, adults do not exceed 2 cups a week, or only drink black coffee without sugar and creamer, it is not easy to affect bone loss.


Adults do not exceed 3 eggs a week, too much protein intake, high protein that is prone to high blood pressure, easy to rise, gastrointestinal motility overspeed should not take onion scrambled eggs, tea eggs, eggsHormones and antibiotics are easily left in the body to produce resistance.


Three white eat less – white rice, white flour, white sugar (has been refined without nutritional value, causing the burden of liver and kidney digestion).


Fruit is gold at breakfast, silver at noon, and garbage at night.

Especially melons: watermelon, cantaloupe to eat between meals and meals (most not to eat watermelon before and after meals), do not eat after 5 o’clock in the evening.

Especially the skin is prone to allergies, rhinitis, nasal allergies, poor bronchial tubes, fractures, bones and joints, bone spurs, gastrointestinal diseases, hepatitis patients.

Because the melons and fruits are more likely to be corrupted in the gastrointestinal tract, and they are relatively moist and cold, and easily affect the symptoms listed above.

Patients with fractured bones can eat bananas. Please eat double-effect-clearing before breakfast to prevent bowel cancer.


Lettuce foods can be ingested, the disease of the liver is improved, and the best source of natural enzyme supplements.

Let’s eat at least four servings a week. It is better to eat before lunch. The impression of lettuce on the Chinese food is 鈥渢oo cold鈥? Let the lettuce be positive in the morning and eat more. It is not too cold or cold for the time, but more at night.Eat negative cabbage, cabbage, cabbage, root vegetables – sweet potatoes, pumpkin, taro, carrots, etc.

Every time you try to eat 4 servings of grain roots per person, you will have energy.


Dinner green vegetables should not be excessive, especially in menopause, the new ones with abnormal Xie, easy to stimulate sympathetic nerves leading to insomnia, endocrine disorders.

In the evening, it is also inappropriate to eat fruit diet meals.