Summer refreshing beauty 5 tips


Summer refreshing beauty 5 tips

How to keep your eyes fresh and beautiful?

  1 Do not use eye cream blindly. Do not replenish oily eye cream, so your eyes can not be refreshed.

Not all ages are suitable for highly nourishing eye creams, so be sure to choose the right product to avoid discomfort.

  2 The amount of eye cream should be moderate. Do not think that the more you apply, the better the effect.

In fact, soy-sized eye cream has nourished your eyes.

When using, use circular gestures to massage the skin around the eyes.

  3Be sure to clean your eyes before wiping your eyes.

Any mascara residue, left eyeliner, eye shadow may be rubbed into the eyes and cause injury.

Therefore, be sure to remove makeup thoroughly before applying eye cream.

  4 massage strength to master as far as possible with the middle finger and ring finger massage the skin around the eyes, not too hard.

Some people often apply too much force to smooth wrinkles, which actually causes skin damage.

  5 anti-superstition eye creams In fact, eye creams can only dilute the effect of wrinkles.

Even the most expensive eye cream can’t completely wipe away your wrinkles.

Therefore, prevention of wrinkles must start from prevention.

Don’t wait for it to happen again.