Period Five Work Stress Strikes

Period Five “Work Stress” Strikes

On Friday, women in the workplace often feel tired, lazy, have difficulty concentrating, and have reduced work efficiency. Some people even experience dizziness, chest tightness, abdominal distension and soreness, and psychological stress will increase invisibly.
  Following Monday’s syndrome, Friday’s work stress troubled working women again.
Although there is no data to prove its harm and impact, its psychological and physical harm to women in the workplace has reached a relatively serious level.
1 生活规律被打破后的烦恼  柳旭: 30岁 咨询公司副总经理  柳旭说,每到星期五,她就会觉得特别累,思想不集中,效率也低,整个人就像散了架一样,Although the surface is working, the mood is gone.
Ms. Liu is the backbone of the consulting company, and her daily work is full.
Various meetings, activities, and plans often made her “sleep and forget”.
Miss Liu teased and said: Let’s lose weight.
  Miss Liu is a person who understands life and the combination of work and rest. From Monday to Thursday, she devotes all her energy to work and enjoys the satisfaction and fulfillment brought by work.
She graduated with a master’s degree in management and has been in this company for three years. From the department manager to the recently promoted to the deputy general manager, she got it with her own efforts and hard work.
For three years, she worked very hard during her work, but on holidays and weekends, she played just as hard and devotedly.
In her words: this is a standard modern life.
  But recently she has lost the ease and chicness of the past.
The reason is that as the position rises, it is followed by a larger workload, a higher degree of difficulty, and a more intense pace of work.
  Gradually, her break time was “shrinking” and her working hours were increasing.
  She felt that her life was out of balance, and her temperament and physical condition were harmed to varying degrees.
  Especially on Friday afternoon, after a tense four-day work, thinking about the holiday that followed, there was really not much passion and mood to work, but as a manager, Miss Liu often had to force herself, notLet this mood spread, let alone show it.
Over time, she felt that she had “work stress Friday.”
  Every Friday, she will show inexplicable irritability, tiredness, irritability, and extremely poor work efficiency. Occasionally, she may even doubt whether she is able to continue working when the situation is severe.
Sequelae of frequent overtime work on Friday: Zhang Jing: 26-year-old secretary of the general manager of the real estate company Zhang Jing graduated from college and came to the current company and was placed in the position of general manager secretary.
Zhang Jing is very intelligent and has a very good job. He has won the trust and respect of leaders.
But she is a cheerful and lively girl. Every weekend, she always invites a few friends to go out to play or party. This has reached a tacit understanding between them and turned into a fixed entertainment program.
Zhang Jing always joked that her life was full of sunshine, but only frequent overtime work on Friday made her feel helpless and troubled.
  Zhang Jing’s ability to plan is very strong, so every weekend’s activities are planned and arranged by her.
Such planning is often done on Friday afternoons and purchases necessities in the evenings.
Now, overtime makes their plans fail, which makes Zhang Jing very upset.
  Especially on Friday, she will have inexplicable resistance to work.
At first, this resistance was only for overtime, and gradually this emotion was amplified, which directly affected her normal work day.
Recently, she feels sick every Friday, dizziness, chest tightness, nervousness, and can’t lift her spirit, just like being sick.
Zhang Jing also went to the hospital to see it, but couldn’t find out why.
  Strangely, this symptom does not usually exist. Even if you are very busy at work, you just feel tired. It is okay to sleep overnight. The symptoms on Friday cannot be eliminated.
  Over time, she began to fear Friday, calling it “Black Friday.”
Last month, Zhang Jing saw a psychiatrist accompanied by a friend.
  After several psychological treatments, her symptoms were alleviated, but she has not recovered yet.
The doctor cautioned Zhang Jing that this is a typical mental illness. Effective treatment is necessary, but it must also cooperate with the external environment. Otherwise, it is difficult to recover.
Zhang Jing is really distressed now and is at a loss.