Are you still washing your underwear in the wrong way

Are you still washing your underwear in the wrong way

Underwear touches our private parts every day. Everyone has their own set of cleaning methods. Are these methods correct?

Taiwan Health Magazine recently published 5 questions about washing underwear.

  Question 1: Is the cleanest hand-washing underwear?

Experts in housework management training said that underwear is relatively clean when washed by hand, but the disadvantage of hand washing is that the detergent is often not cleaned and cannot be completely wrung after washing.

The obstetrics and gynecologists at National Taiwan University Hospital pointed out that as long as you clean the underwear, you only need to grasp a simple principle: “Wash clean, rinse.” As for how you wash, use various cleaning agents, it does not matter.

  Question 2: How to choose a cleaning agent?

Physicians point out that foaming detergents can destroy protein.

How to clean the panties stained with blood during the physiological period?

Experts said that when they first touched, they were washed with cold water, and most of them could be washed away. However, if the blood stains are hard, they can be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide droplets on the wound, and the blood stains can be effectively broken down.

  Question 3: What should I do if I live in an apartment and my underwear cannot get the sun?

Ultraviolet rays are the best natural disinfection system. If you can, you can dry the sunscreen next to you. If there is really no chance, experts suggest that you can use high temperature treatment, such as ironing with an iron, drying with a dryer, or blowing with a hairdryerBlow and let it not be tidey.

Experts advise that underwear is not suitable for drying in the bathroom.

  Question 4: Can essential oils, bleach, and hot water sterilize effectively?

Experts believe that essential oils do have some unique effects, but at most there are only aromatic functions on dripping underwear.

Washing with bleaching water does have a bactericidal effect and can remove yellow stains, but the chlorides in bleaching water are highly irritating. Pay attention to residuals.

If you really want to clean, you can boil for 15 minutes.

  Question 5: Are pads and disposable underwear the cleanest choice?

The pad is used when there is a small amount of menstrual blood. It is usually not recommended because the pad will make the private parts airtight.

Disposable underwear is only used when it is inconvenient to change, because it is impossible to determine what material is used, and by bleaching, it may not be safe.