Skeleton curve beauty (2)

Skeleton curve beauty (2)

Thin friends, now you don’t worry about getting fat.

The fattening recipes are open to the public. Let’s pick you up. The following recipes will be changed every day to ensure that you are a skinny figure and become a beautiful woman with curves.

  [Mongolian chestnut pie]Meng Brown chestnut pie production materials: Ingredients: sweet pie 400g accessories: cake 200g, cream 460g, milk 100g, custard powder 300g, chestnut paste 250g seasoning: rum 5g, camphor 5g,The practice of white sugar 20g Meng Brown chestnut pie: 1, soften the chestnut sauce with a straight bubbler; 2, dissolve the custard powder with milk and mix it evenly into a custard sauce; 3. Put the sweet pie into a long time0.

4cm thick, pressed into the small pie mold, shaping and relaxing for about 15 minutes; 4, the method 2 is pressed into the oven at 200/200 ° C for about 10 minutes; 5, take outPaper and town stone, then continue to roast in the oven for about 3?
5 minutes until the surface is golden yellow; 6, take 100g of cheese sauce and chestnut paste, rum, vanilla extract and mix well; 7, then add the animal cream (40g) and mix well; 8, the remainingThe cheese sauce is mixed with the whipped cream (120g), which is used for the filling. 9. After squeezing the small pie into the filling, put the sponge cake and squeeze the whipped cream.300g); 10, then use 8 holes special flower mouth to squeeze the material to the clock, and finally sprinkle with moisture-proof powder to decorate.

  The production of the Brown Brown Chestnut Pie: sponge cake pieces can be bought back in any bakery.

  [germ cheesecake]Germ cheesecake making materials: Ingredients: biscuit 150g, cheese 314g Accessories: cream 61g, almond 50g, milk 141g, egg 35g, cornmeal (yellow) 25g, wheat 30g seasoning: white sugar 73g germ cheesecakeThe practice: 1, the digestive biscuits are placed in a plastic bag and chopped; 2, the cream is placed in a steel basin to dissolve into a liquid state by means of water heating; 3, the germ, the almond horn is cooked for use; 4, take a glass basinPour the biscuits, cream (30g), germ, and almond horns, then add milk (15g) and mix the powdered sugar together; 5. Take an 8-inch baking tray and bake a baking on the bottom of the baking mold.Baked paper, and then the material is evenly laid in the baking mold; 6, and flattened with a spatula, after placing the skin, first placed aside; 7; cream cheese placed in a water-heated manner to soften, add fineThe sugar is stirred together until it is in the form of no granules; 8. After the whole egg is broken up, it is added to the cream cheese and stirred evenly; 9. Continue to add the sifted corn flour together; 10, the milk (126 g) andAnimal whipped cream (31g) poured into the cream司In the middle, stir until the cheese paste shows a fine and fluid state, then pour it into the baking mold; 11. Sprinkle the germ on the surface of the baking cake, put it in the oven, and heat it at 180 °C., fire at 180 ° C, bake for about 50 minutes.

  [Honeypot fried]Honey juice pot fried ingredients: Ingredients: wheat flour 100g, egg 150g accessories: cornmeal (yellow) 100g, starch (corn) 50g seasoning: white sugar 150g, peanut oil 100g honey sauce pot fried features: The color is bright yellow, the sweet and tender soft honey sauce is fried: 1. Dry starch is finely mixed with fine flour, and the flour is used together with the flour; 2, the eggs are shelled and scattered; 3. The flour is adjusted with 200ml water and eggs.Make a slurry; 4, put 50g of water in the pot to boil, stir the slurry and slowly rush into the pot, stir with the spoon, stir until all cooked; 5, pour in a previously smeared flatInside, timely smear it into a 2cm thick square; 6, after cooling, change to 2cm wide, 5cm long strips, put in dried jade powder filled with corn flour; 7, inject 50ml boiling water into the pot, add 150g of sugar,25 grams of honey, simmered into honey juice with a small fire; 8, boil peanut oil, spread the powdered strip into the oil, fry until the surface turns yellow, the internal has been controlled to remove oil; 9, friedPour the pan into a honey sauce pan and simmer gently with a shovel to eat.

  The preparation of honey sauce frying is: This product has a frying process, and it needs to prepare about 1000g of peanut oil.