After the holiday, lose weight, don’t worry too much, teach you several ways to lose weight.

After the holiday, lose weight, don’t worry too much, teach you several ways to lose weight.

During the two days after work, the reporter always heard people around him say that he was a little more pounded.

During the Spring Festival holiday of the week, many people are hard to resist the temptation of food, and with the reduction of the amount of activity, there will be more “swim ring” at the waist, or extra meat added to the thigh, which is troublesome.

As a result, some people are clamoring to diet and lose weight.

It is certainly not scientific to rely on not eating and losing weight. Today, I will talk about the topic of fitness and weight loss after the festival.

  Blind dieting can hurt the body’s winter temperature, human skin vasoconstriction, increased regenerative blood supply, enhanced digestion and absorption.

The appetite is good and the food intake is increased, so winter is the season when the body is prone to getting fat.

In the Spring Festival, because of a good sleep, the weight is easy to grow up.

However, if you take a diet immediately after the holiday in order to quickly lose weight, it may cause insufficient supplementation of protein and trace elements, and is prone to gallstones and anorexia.

There are also people who do not eat breakfast in order to lose weight quickly. This is also wrong.

Physiologists have studied that the body’s metabolism in the morning is better than in the afternoon. Not eating breakfast will reduce the body’s metabolism, hinder the absorption of nutrients, and make the body weak.

Losing weight has never been quick for three or five days, so you can’t be too hasty to lose weight after the holiday.

  Teach you a few scientific methods, the most effective way to lose weight is aerobic exercise plus scientific alternatives.

At the same time, the exercise should gradually increase according to their own physical conditions. A large amount of exercise can not provide a slight consumption condition, only the muscles are thickened and the heart is overloaded.

  Aerobics include bowling, badminton, jogging, skipping, etc., depending on your personal interests.

Here are two sports that are suitable for weight loss after the holiday.

One is swimming.

Swimming for 30 minutes can consume 1100 kcal of conversion, metabolism is very fast, can consume feces than usual.

Swimming can improve the body shape, avoid excess meat in the abdomen, and strengthen the gluteal muscles, so it is an ideal weight loss matching therapy.

The second is walking.

About 45 minutes after a meal, to 4 per hour.

The speed of 8 kilometers walks and the consumption is short.

If you walk again 2 to 3 hours after a meal, the effect is better.

  For busy office workers, you can do office work with a pinch.

  The stair reduction method is generally performed for 3 minutes each time, 2 to 3 times a day.

  The seat weight-loss method is sitting on the backrest chair, and the hands are used to hold the back of the chair so that the waist is attached to the seat as much as possible.

Then both feet take turns to make pedal pedals, and at the same time pay attention to relax the leg muscles.

  The front end is skillfully supported by the hands on the side of the table, and the legs are stretched together. The whole body forms an oblique angle with the table top. The two arms extend and descend to support the body and continue to support 15 to 20 times.

  Focus on abdominal weight loss Many of the obesity begins from the abdomen, and the signs of getting fat are just emerging. After the festival, the focus is on exercising the abdominal muscles.

  First, squatting on the back, stacking hands, clockwise on the abdomen, 50 laps counterclockwise.

The two hands are divided into open abdomen and repeated 50 times.

One group in the morning and evening.

  Second, the two legs of the swivel are separated from the shoulder and the shoulder width, the hands are akimbo or the side of the pituitary body, swinging with the body, and turning the body to the left and right for 50 times.

When the body is turned, the legs are not moved, the swivel is large, and the waist is kept straight.

  Third, the body is bent forward and the legs are separated from the erect and shoulder width. The upper body is in front of the trend and bends forward, and then stands up.

Ask for weight to be straight, hands to touch the ground, do 50 times in a row, or according to your own physical condition.

  Fourth, in turn, raise the legs and straighten the legs, the upper body should not move as far as possible, aiming to lift the chest, and the two hands can hold the legs, and repeat 50 times each time.

  Five, sit up and sit on the back, legs straight, the upper body to sit up hard, then lean forward, hands trying to touch the toes, repeated several times.

  Post-holiday diet Low-fat intake The key to post-holiday diet is to reduce trace and conversion intake.Three meals a day should be allocated reasonably, and the amount of breakfast and lunch can be more. The dinner should be eaten less or replaced by fruit.

Do not eat nightingale, try not to eat 4 hours before going to bed, otherwise the food will easily pile up into sputum.

  Try to choose foods with low levels of food for three meals, but pay attention to protein supplements, such as eating low-level fish and drinking skim milk.

Eat more vegetables rich in fiber and transients, such as leeks, melon, cucumber, cabbage, beans and so on.

Among the fruits, the cellulite effect of watermelon and apple is also good.

Eat less fried, fried and other foods.