Good pillows and good sleep

Good pillows and good sleep

The quality of sleep plays a very important role in the health of each individual.

Sleep can eliminate fatigue, protect the brain, enhance the body’s immunity, promote physical development, and is beneficial to beauty.

  Pillow, as a close companion in people’s sleep, spends extra time in his company in his company. The sweet dreamland has its credit.

However, improper choice affects both sleep and health, but also affects work and quality of life for the remaining two thirds of the time.

Sleep is when the whole body relaxes and rests, it is reasonable to let the cervical spine relax and rest fully under the natural state of physiological bending.

If the pillow cushion is high, it will change the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine, causing fatigue damage to muscles and straining strain of ligaments, resulting in spasms, pillow fall, cervical spondylosis, etc.

Sleeping on the pillow is good for maintaining the physiological function of the cervical spine. However, due to the gravity of the head, the head is tilted back too much, causing the front neck muscles, ligaments, and skin to become too tight. Over time, it can cause sore neck musclesIt can even compress the trachea and affect breathing.

At the same time, the excessively low head and skull blood flow increases accordingly and affects sleep, which is not good for patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis.

  The height of the pillow often varies from person to person, and it can maintain its normal physiological curvature no matter it is lying on its back.

Usually with a pillow height of one to one and a half, which is 10?
15 cm longer is suitable.

  People generally use coaxial cable pillows in this life. Although this kind of pillow has a long history and looks beautiful, it does not meet the physiological requirements of the human body and cannot eliminate the supporting effect of the pillow.

According to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the human body, the pillow is placed in accordance with the appropriate physiological curvature of the human body, so that the muscles and ligaments that have been exhausted for a day can be fully massaged and restored.

This is why patients with cervical spondylosis are treated with an implanted pillow.

With the progress of human beings, the pillows have also undergone great changes. Ceramic pillows, wooden pillows and jade pillows that are too hard have been eliminated and replaced by softer and more comfortable pillows.

At present, there are not many health pillows on the market, which have the function of pillows and also have the function of medical care. They are very popular with consumers, such as tea pillows, chrysanthemum pillows, silkworm pillows, etc.

  A suitable pillow is an appliance that cannot be shared for good sleep, a weapon to prevent sickness, and a good way to pay attention to health and sleep peacefully.

Therefore, experts remind that in order to sleep well, scientific pillow selection is essential.