Why are you alive

Why are you alive

We live in a strange world, with all kinds of temptations, too many choices, too many too many, and some people are on the verge of getting lost.

In such a world, it is easy to breed two people. One kind of people think that there are too many things that can lift their appetite and interest. I want to do things all day, but I feel that delaying that one is not done.Which thing is most important to you.

  What about another group of people?

But I feel that there is almost nothing that can really lift my appetite.

You see he’s busy all day long, and there are many things, it’s a company, it’s entertainment, it’s coaxing his wife, and he’s a lover. On the surface, it looks like he has everything, and everything can’t be missed, butHowever, he is just unhappy, and feels that there is no one thing that he really wants to do. This kind of person always feels that many things can’t hang his appetite, and it is tedious to do anything.

  The performance of the target losers A group of boring toil gamblers say they are not overly gambling.

This type of target loser is like a customer dressed in a bright dress among tourists. They seem to have everything. There is a bodyguard on the left, a beauty on the right, a car when going out, and security when entering the room.

But you can see that they are indifferent to all that they have.

Because they don’t know how important these things are to themselves, or they find that these are taken for granted and they have been struggling for years, so they can’t be cherished.

  But what they like the most is the hard life and gambling days.

At this point, you will see that their eyes are shining, and counting the banknotes has a sense of pride and honor.

That’s right, this kind of target loser is too realistic. I hope more and more money, more business, more and more beautiful women, and more and more reputation.

But you will find that after they really have it, they will have an unconscious disgust for all this.

  The lover called him, and he said angrily: “I’m busy, I’ll call you later.

“The child wanted to ask him for his homework, and he responded badly:” What did I do in class? I want to go. ”

“Mrs. couldn’t even talk to him. He was always thinking. Is it possible to accompany his wife?

Wife is the claimant; is it OK to bring a child?

Children are the biggest consumables; what about business?

Countless calls to urge, what to urge, can’t die without me, this again?

  People like them do a lot of things every day, but they can’t find the real value and motivation in their behavior. It seems that everything is urging and forcing him to make him tired.

He pursues fame and fortune, but fame and fortune can not give him pleasure, but it is more troublesome, he has no time to enjoy the fruits of life.

  The essence of the person who loses the target is a balloon that is too inflated. The psychologist gave a term that is the loss of the target.

Target losers are not depression, they are not so depressed, and their self-worth is not low.

Moreover, they are still fighting spirits all day long, and the motivation to do things is still very great. If a depression patient is like a discouraged ball, there is no motivation at all; then, the person who loses his goal is like a person full of gasThe ball has too much internal pressure, and has enough power, but there is nowhere to release it. It will explode with full charge, but it won’t get any real life fun.

  The target loser likes to play the game of inflatable and recharging. You see that he has a lot of activities. He walks around here, walks there, and there are many friends.

He is very toxic, has extensive connections, and has a good brain, not the kind of sluggishness and numbness.

  The blind spot of the target loser is the king himself. Others are burdensome. The target loser knew from a young age that men are kings to conquer the world. They can “what I want, what I want to be”

They have had this seed of ambition since childhood.

They are not used to wasting time on some details and small issues, because they are born to move towards “successful life”.

These people are also those who succeed in learning and inspirationalism. They have sharp eyes and think that their insight is amazing.

  They invented a program that never wastes time on small things in life.

The so-called men must dare to venture forward and challenge, and not be afraid to be busy.

They have a lot of “should” voices in their hearts, because this is their self-positioning as men-from childhood to the imitation of some male successful characters, and also obsessed him with this ideal strong man image.

  Then, when they say “I want” to “I want to arrive through struggle,” they may lose a goal.

Because they did not learn how to enjoy the present life, they were always urged to do this and that, and when this gambling behavior really stopped, they felt frustrated.

  People who always express their needs are the ones who least understand the needs of others.

They overestimate their intelligence and underestimate the intelligence of others.

Impatience is this manifestation.As he underestimates the value of others in life, it is difficult for him to truly meet the needs of others, and it is difficult to understand the love passed on from someone.

So goal loss is a loss of inner love, the energy of love cannot be transmitted.

  The classic quotations of the lost target are busy, I will call you if something happens.

  No, there will be a meeting tomorrow.

  Is it possible to accompany his wife?

  Do you know how much it costs to bring a child?

  I’m just a toil, I’ll mention it.

  Everyone is asking me, oh.

  Can you not bother me?

  Do you say this is OK?