[Karma’s soup practice]_ 疙瘩 soup _ how to do _ method steps

[Karma’s soup practice]_ 疙瘩 soup _ how to do _ method steps

Generally, when making soup, you only need to prepare some flour, and then mix it with some vegetables you like. After simple preparation, it can be made into a finished product. The taste of the soup is particularly good.The flour can be adjusted into small granules, and the middle will not be too hard, soft and sticky, and it will taste very refreshing. This is a very traditional dish in the northern region.

Egg mix ingredients: flour, eggs, tomatoes, vinegar, salt, shallots, sesame oil, ginger slices.


Add an appropriate amount of water and heat up the pan.


Cut tomatoes and ginger into a pan and boil.


Eggs are scattered for spare, 4.

Add an appropriate amount of flour in a bowl or small basin, add the appropriate amount of the beaten egg mixture to the flour, and use chopsticks or hands to mix the noodles into wheat-like wheaten noodles, then cook in the pot, add an appropriate amount of vinegar, and salt, Scallion, sesame oil are ready to eat.

This is delicious-egg custard!

Ingredients for tomato soup soup: flour, eggs, tomatoes, vegetables accessories: 1, put the flour in a bowl, adjust the faucet to the minimum amount of water.

While adding water, stir the flour into tomato noodle soup with chopsticks.

2. Eggs are broken up and set aside.

3, boil water into the noodles, cook into tomato pieces, continue to cook.

4. Add the beaten egg liquid and stir the chopsticks a few times.

5. Add salt, chicken powder, sesame oil, spring onion, and greens.