L-vitamin C

_1 L-vitamin C Guide: In the hot summer, the importance of sun protection is more prominent due to increased outdoor activities. The attending dermatologist pointed out that the way people use sunscreen lotions and masks is not comprehensive; she said that the latest sunscreen weapon is “L-vitamin C”, which not Continue Reading

Four Basic Principles for Rice

“Four Basic Principles” for Rice Many surveys at home and abroad have found that the total amount of food consumed is inversely proportional to the risk of chronic disease; however, a survey in Hong Kong found that the amount of white rice eaten is positively related to the risk of Continue Reading


You can practice yoga at 90 trend! You can practice yoga at 90 The elderly in the United States pay great attention to choosing a suitable fitness method according to the characteristics of slow movement and easy fall, so as to delay the aging, increase the body’s sensitivity, and strengthen Continue Reading

Common problems in yoga

Common problems in yoga ask I often practice yoga and I’m pregnant now, and I want to know how to avoid certain yoga poses A during pregnancy. This issue cannot be generalized, mainly because of what stage of pregnancy is already in. Around 5 months of pregnancy, the uterus expands Continue Reading

Three stages of infant psychological development

Three stages of infant psychological development Studies have shown that the population has limited psychological activity, but only when the population is born as a baby can psychological development be greatly developed, because practice is the source of psychological development.   Infant’s three stages of psychological development Phase 1: Feeling and Continue Reading

I live alone

I live alone The lonely protagonist: Zhao Xueping was 30 years old and never deliberately wanted to be a “single aristocrat” in the eyes of others, nor had he deliberately been a love deserter outside the “siege”. Being single is also a helpless choice for me.   The days of living Continue Reading