The benefits and effects of bananas

The benefits and effects of bananas Banana meat is soft and glutinous, sweet and delicious, and affordable, and has always been one of your favorite fruits. In fact, eating bananas can help defecation and improve constipation, but many people do n’t know that bananas have five other effects.   First, hypertension Continue Reading

Period Five Work Stress Strikes

Period Five “Work Stress” Strikes On Friday, women in the workplace often feel tired, lazy, have difficulty concentrating, and have reduced work efficiency. Some people even experience dizziness, chest tightness, abdominal distension and soreness, and psychological stress will increase invisibly.   Following Monday’s syndrome, Friday’s work stress troubled working women again. Continue Reading


You can practice yoga at 90 trend! You can practice yoga at 90 The elderly in the United States pay great attention to choosing a suitable fitness method according to the characteristics of slow movement and easy fall, so as to delay the aging, increase the body’s sensitivity, and strengthen Continue Reading

Very easy to sweat?

锘? Implied that the body is “faulty”! Very easy to sweat? Implied that the body is “faulty”! After a lot of or rapid exercise, the dripping sweat will make us feel serious and comfortable, but if we don’t do any exercise, or even just sleep quietly, but also sweat, this Continue Reading