Fragrant tea

Fragrant tea Coriander is a plant of the Labiatae family. Perennial erect herb, leaves ovoid to lanceolate, flowers white, purple-blue on upper lip. Also known as Snake Tube, Iron Horn. Distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan and other provinces. Need medicine for swelling and detoxification.   The taste is Continue Reading

Good pillows and good sleep

Good pillows and good sleep The quality of sleep plays a very important role in the health of each individual. Sleep can eliminate fatigue, protect the brain, enhance the body’s immunity, promote physical development, and is beneficial to beauty.   Pillow, as a close companion in people’s sleep, spends extra time Continue Reading

I live alone

I live alone The lonely protagonist: Zhao Xueping was 30 years old and never deliberately wanted to be a “single aristocrat” in the eyes of others, nor had he deliberately been a love deserter outside the “siege”. Being single is also a helpless choice for me.   The days of living Continue Reading

Watch out!

锘縃idden at home, the “killer” Watch out! Hidden at home, the “killer” Your house In modern society, not hunger stimulates you to eat, but other factors. This is the advice of Dr. Brad Bushman of the University of Michigan. 銆€銆€He believes that even if we don’t leave home, we will Continue Reading