[Can you eat beef with throat inflammation]_Inflammation of throat_Can’t eat

[Can you eat beef with throat inflammation]_Inflammation of throat_Can’t eat

Inflammation of the throat is more common in life. There are causes of colds, fires, and sore throats, etc., which may cause inflammation of the throat. At this time, you must pay attention to nursing, especially in diet, try to eat some lightFoods that help to eliminate the heat, try not to eat beef during this period, because beef is a high-heat food, which can easily lead to aggravation of the fire and cause worse consequences.

Can you eat beef if your throat is inflamed? It is best to eat less beef if you have a cold and sore throat.

Sore throat is real hot and evil fire, and beef has the function of warming and warming, eat easily to help heat and fire, heat and help phlegm, it is easy to exacerbate sore throat, so we must avoid eating.

2. Don’t eat beef for colds and fevers.

In general, when taking medicine for fever diseases, foods such as wine, spicy, fish, and meat should be supplemented or eaten less. Food and wine are hot due to wine and spicy food. Fish and meat have heat and sputum.After eating, it promotes the evil and makes the illness worse.

3. Avoid cold, cold, greasy, and fried foods when you have a cold or fever.

Because a cold is a hot disease, if you add hot food, it will not be easy to reduce fever.

Studies in Germany have shown that excessive consumption of meat and dairy products can reduce the body’s ability to resist viruses.

What to eat when you have a cold and sore throat1. There is a saying from Apple abroad that an apple leaves the doctor one day. Apple has a variety of vitamins and organic acids, which can supplement the nutrients lost by the cold.

Eating more apples in the dry autumn can at least effectively relieve symptoms such as constipation and getting angry, and can also effectively treat symptoms such as sore throat.

Chinese traditional Chinese medicine points out that apples have the effects of replenishing the temper, nourishing the stomach and yin, replenishing and quenching thirst, and nourishing the lungs and the heart.

2. Take one fresh olive per day and boil it with boiling water. If the tonsils are inflamed or the hoarseness of your throat is serious, you can add salt to mix and replace.

Fresh olives can be brewed and placed repeatedly. Do not throw the fresh olive fruit afterwards. Chew directly and eat it. It can supplement the rich substitute fiber in olive fruit.

In addition, you can also take 2 fresh olive fruits, add green tea to brew a drink, or mix with a small amount of honey for the effect of nourishing the lungs and protecting the throat.

3, hot tea green tea, oolong and black tea contain a lot of antioxidants to fight disease, and the heat of tea can relieve lung complications.

Mixing some honey and lemon juice in hot tea can also relieve the symptoms of sore throat.

4, grapes have always been considered to help the body’s blood, women should add more grapes, in addition to the blood effect, has nourished liver and kidney, fluid and diuretic effect.

Absolutely direct consumption, or mashing the juice and adding honey to thicken the ointment, and then taking it with boiling water, will help to improve irritability and thirst, relieve nervousness, and discomfort caused by excessive fatigue.

5, pomegranate decoction can cure sore throat.

Cut a pomegranate into the appropriate size and cook with 400 grams of water.

After boiling, cook for about 30 minutes, and the decoction can be used for mouthwash.

The most medicinal effect of pomegranate is its skin, so you can only fry the pomegranate skin after Yin and Yin, the effect is better.

Pomegranate leaves can also be used for medicinal purposes. The effect is the same. The palm leaves are added with 400 grams of water and boiled over low heat. Boil to half the amount to remove the residue. It can be useful as a mouthwash.